Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am Thankful For...Free Thanksgiving Printables

I was planning to go buy diapers this afternoon, but the weather is really terrible so I chose to stay inside.  I have shamefully already started my Christmas crafting even before celebrating Thanksgiving later this week.  I did have a fun idea for little "I am thankful for" cards that Pearl could hand out at dinner.  This seemed like the best time to put them together.  The diapers can wait until tomorrow (no later though because our stock is low!).
Once I finished putting them together, Pearl had a good time telling me why she was thankful for all of her cousins.  I'm excited to hear her reasons for the rest of the family.  These would also be great to use as place cards if you were fancy enough to have assigned seating at your meal.
I thought I would share the "I am thankful for" cards with all of you here as free printables.  It is a fun activity to do with your kids and you might be surprised by what they say!  Please comment if you use them.  I would love to hear why your kids are thankful for their family members.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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