Monday, May 4, 2015

2 Months Old!

 Flora is two months old!
Flora's personality really started to come out this month.  She loves it when people make silly faces at her and she will stick her tongue out if you do it first.  Her smile is the sweetest thing.  At this point, it seems like Jeremy and Pearl are her favorite people to stare at.
It is still very difficult to get Flora to sleep at bedtime and it usually doesn't happen until around 11 pm.  She has been doing very well though once she finally gives in.  I get a full night of rest now.  She wakes up a couple times at night to eat, but we both pretty much sleep through the feedings.
Noises don't seem to bother her during daytime naps.  She still prefers to nap on me, but will sleep in the tiny bed I have for her in the living room on occasion.  She rarely wakes up as a result of the noise her crazy siblings are making around her.  I can even vacuum in the room while she is sleeping and she doesn't seem disturbed. The ring sling is still one of her favorite places to sleep.
I took Flora to visit her great grandparents Jack and Nell for the first time over the weekend.  Flora's middle name is Nell after my grandmother.  My grandmother's health has been deteriorating and she had to move to a care facility.  Grandma is doing a bit better now and really loved seeing her little namesake.  Flora gave her some good smiles, too.
The dress Flora is wearing in these photos was mine as a baby.  My twin sister and I were preemies so out of all of the baby clothes my mom recently gave me, this was the only one that fit her.
Flora's stats:
Length - 1'11"
Weight - 12 lbs 8.5 oz
See how much she has grown!


  1. Flora is beautiful! I love the photos. So amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it? And I love that she is already mimicking by sticking her tongue out to mirror someone! Cute!

  2. Flora us such a cutie! I love seeing all the pictures you post of her on instagram!


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