Wednesday, September 2, 2015

6 Months Old!

Flora is six months old!
Baby Flo had her first tooth pop through.  The one next to it is about ready to come through as well.  She has been taking it like a champ.  Chewing has become her favorite pastime.  We have a lot of teethers and baby toys to keep her occupied, but she keeps managing to find our leather flip flops which are apparently preferred.  We try to keep this from happening though since she is a person and not a dog.
Flora is crawling around everywhere.  I am trying to vacuum more regularly and often have to steer her away from the dog food dish.  She manages to spot the one thing on the floor that she shouldn't have and immediately bolts for it.  I discovered her eating part of a cracker that Axel dropped yesterday so I guess we can add crackers to the list of foods she has tried.
Flora has pulled herself up into a standing-ish position a couple times in the last few days.  She doesn't seem incredibly stable yet, but is really motivated.  She just wants to do everything that her older siblings do I guess.
We tried putting her in the nursery at church last Sunday for the first time.  This was not ok with her and I was called in to pick her up in less than five minutes.  She doesn't cry much, but when she does, she really gets animated about it.  Having her with me in the service isn't too bad though.  The only concern there is random happy noises/screams.  We generally sit in the back for that reason.
See how much she has grown!


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