Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First day of Preschool!

Today was a big day in our household.  Pearl had her first day of preschool!  I didn't want to be the weird parent who took a bunch of photos at school, so I opted to be more privately weird and take photos in front of our garage.
Pearl loved everything about her first day except for "the salty light green broccoli," at lunch.  She came home with a sweet drawing she made of the two of us and a whole lot to say about her day.
This is an exchange we had in the car on the drive home:
Me - "Did you make any friends at preschool?"
Pearl - "I made four girl friends. Only girls, no boys."
Me - "It looked like there were some nice boys there, too."
Pearl - "Sorry, no boys."
Me - Do you remember the girls' names?"
Pearl - "One was named Allie and one was named Cassie. One was named Mally. I don't know what that means, but I guess I don't mind."
Me - "There were four? What was the other girl's name?"
Pearl - "That's just Allie again."
I have no idea if any of those names are real or not, but her story was funny regardless.  Axel and I both missed Pearl while she was gone, but I'm excited for her and can't wait to hear more preschool stories.  


  1. Oh my gosh! First day of preschool! She looks so happy, and I can just hear that post-first day mother daughter conversation in my head. SO adorable!

  2. She is ADORABLE! We don't start preschool until next week here. :)

  3. SO exciting! Love her shoes, jacket and backpack - Totally stylish! Congrats on this big step!

  4. I love her facial expressions and the ratio of backpack/waterbottle size to kid is adorable :)


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