Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DIY Holiday Fireplace Mantel Decor

 Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have shamefully already put up Christmas decorations.  I wanted to update our decor because I am a bit tired of looking at the same items year after year.  We are on a budget though and Christmas decor just does not fall into the "need" category.  I put our fireplace mantel together completely with items and supplies we already had.  I feel great about how it turned out and I'm enjoying the newness without having spent any money.
Here are a few things I quickly put together that you can do too:
1. I printed off some Christmas related lyrics on pretty paper.  I used a frame and mat from artwork that we usually have in our guest room so I didn't have to purchase anything.  Holiday decorations are temporary so it's totally fine to borrow things from other parts of the house.
2. I updated an old wreath DIY that was once wrapped in yarn. I used more rustic looking scrap fabric that I had left over and a glue gun.  The fabric I used is all from the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store.
3. I framed one of our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints to display.
4. I painted an old vase, a shot glass, and an empty spice container with leftover gold paint. I used them to hold greenery trimmed from a tree in my yard.
5. I made a string art reindeer using supplies I had in my craftroom.  If you are not sure how to do string art, there are tons of tutorials all over the internet.  Just google "string art."  I repurposed a cheap craft box that I bought years ago as my background.  The wood was thin and soft enough that I was able to use push pins instead of nails which made the project a whole lot easier.
6. I made a simple advent calendar banner with craft paper, tape, and baker's twine.  All things I already had on hand.  I'm probably most excited about this project because it will be the first time I have done an advent calendar with my kids.
Are you working on any DIY projects for the holidays?


  1. I love that string art piece! So simple, so inexpensive, so perfect!

  2. Oh my gosh, this just reminded me that I need to get our own Advent calendar together this weekend. Love yours! And I love your string art, too. Beautiful decor all around!

  3. No shame in decorating early! I like the greenery--I'll have to find something festive around here so I can copy that.


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