Tuesday, February 2, 2016

11 Months Old!

Flora is eleven months old!
Flora Nell is getting so big and I can hardly believe it.  It is shocking to me that she will be one next month, but this seems to be how it goes with babies.  She is working on becoming an expert walker and now chooses it over crawling about 50% of the time.  She is very proud of herself and enjoys showing off.
Flora also seems to take a sense of pride in doing anything that is slightly unsafe.  She climbs everything.  I left the playroom for maybe two minutes to finish unloading the dishwasher and came back to her on top of Jeremy's desk.  I don't leave her alone in there anymore.
She enjoys bouncing on the trampoline, making messes, and upsetting her siblings by knocking over any block tower they attempt to make.  She also likes sliding chairs around the dining room.
Flora is constantly following Pearl and Axel around and they are generally pretty good about including her in playtime.  She always tries to snatch their snacks and manages to get her hands on those snacks pretty often.  
Flora has four teeth now and is very confident that she can handle eating anything even though she safely cannot do that.  She is very much like Pearl at this age, I have to watch her like a hawk.
I guess I should start planning a birthday party.


  1. What a cutie! Sounds like a fun but challenging age!

  2. It is always amazing how fast our little ones grow up. My "baby" started high school this year, and I have no idea how so many years flew so fast, especially when some of those days in between were oh-so-long!

  3. She sounds so curious and very active about exploring the world :)

  4. Love how excited and animated she is in these photos! 11 months already? Wow!

  5. Oh, she is just too cute for words! Happy 11month birthday, Flora!

  6. What a sweetie! I so loved that age. Enjoy every minute!


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