Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1 Year Old!

Flora is one year old!
This year with baby Flo has just been a joy. She is so happy and full of personality. We all love her so much. It immediately felt like she has always been here with us. Before she was born, I worried about how she would fit in with Pearl and Axel already having such a tight bond. I worried about how stressful three kids would be and wondered how Axel would handle not being the baby anymore. So much time spent worrying when she immediately seemed to know how to navigate this family and find her place in it.
We invited relatives over to celebrate her birthday last weekend. She enjoyed opening her presents and destroying her cake. She had very minimal interest in eating the cake, but after some time poking at it, eventually started to tear it apart.
Flora plays with her siblings like a big kid, climbs as many pieces of furniture as her body will let her, and manages to get into just about everything that she isn't supposed to. She does it all with the cutest little grin and I have a hard time stopping her from doing things she shouldn't because of it. She loves food, but still wants to nurse a lot more than her siblings did at this age. I have been trying to get her to cut back on the nursing a bit for multiple reasons, but mostly I just want her to start sleeping through the night. Flo still seems to think she needs milk every 3-4 hours no matter how much I feed her during the day.
Baby girl is getting more independent and has fun with other people when I need to be away for work, but is always very happy to be with me. She says "mama" at least 100 times a day and follows me around the house most of the time. When she isn't following me, I can pretty much be sure that she is either climbing something or found herself a container of wipes or toilet paper to take off of the roll. Thankfully, Pearl is generally on the case if Jeremy and I are not on top of the situation. Flora has started giving unprompted kisses lately which totally melts me. The other night she climbed on top of Axel in his bed and gave him a goodnight kiss. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed. It makes me smile even now just thinking about it.
I'm a little bit sad that the baby chapter is coming to a close in our household, but I couldn't imagine a better experience for my last year of parenting a baby. I just love this little girl and it's a privilege being her mama.

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