Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flora's Floral First Birthday

 Flora's birthday party was two months ago, but I find it increasingly difficult to carve out blogging time these days. I figured posting her party super late is better than never posting about it at all. I was planning on keeping it pretty low key and had no intention of creating a theme until I felt a wave of creative energy come over me about a week before her birthday. So a theme party did end up happening, but I really didn't go overboard this time. We went with the most literal theme ever, a floral party for Flora! Since I have thrown many birthday parties and baby showers at this point, I had a whole lot of party crafts already done that I could use. I kind of hoard that stuff.
The only decoration that I purchased that wasn't already in my craft closet was this awesome Martha Stewart tissue flower kit. Those flowers were so fun to put together. Seriously, all the fun of crafting without the lame tedious work of cutting everything out first. The flowers are so pretty that I still have them up in our living room.
We have amazing family members who offered to bring food so it ended up being a potluck style party. All of the food I provided were pre-made snacks from Trader Joe's so I didn't have to cook anything. I also grabbed a couple of cheap bouquets to put on the table while I was there. In the past, I have baked cakes for my kids parties, but I decided not to spend the time on it this year. My friend Sarah owns a bakery and makes delicious treats so we had her make cupcakes and a little cake for Flo. My mom even picked it all up and brought it to our house.  Easiest party ever!
Flora had a great time at her party and I think the rest of our family did too. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive people in our lives who love our kids so much.


  1. I love how you decorated - So bright and cheery! Perfect for a first birthday :)

  2. For a "simple" party this sure is gorgeous! You have such an amazing eye that everything (even the brought food) coordinates and looks so celebratory. This is one that will be fun to look back to in the future. Your kids are beautiful... I can't believe she is already 1!


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