Monday, September 26, 2016

Goat Rocks Wilderness Backpacking Trip

Hi friends! I didn't fully disappear. Just mostly, ha. I have life under control well enough with three kids now that I could find the time to regularly start blogging again. But I'm struggling. I don't see as much of a point anymore in sharing the types of things I used to share.  As my eyes and ears have opened, social injustice is weighing heavily on my heart.  I see and feel my privilege, know I need to do more, and I'm trying to find my voice. This space isn't really set up well for that, and I honestly don't have a strong desire to post family updates, parties, and the cute little things that I used to share. 
My family is great. The kids are growing into wonderful little humans with distinct and hilarious personalities. We are still doing fun activities, still having parties, and I will try to occasionally pop in and post some of those things here. I think I will look back and regret not having those written records if I don't. So expect to see me around here just a bit more than I have been.
Today I wanted to share photos that Jeremy and I took while on a short kids-free backpacking trip in the Goat Rocks Wilderness.  It was my first time backpacking and I really loved it.  The only thing that made me nervous pretty much the whole time was not having cell reception while the kids were three hours away with their grandparents. It was a wonderful adventure though. 
We packed in on day one and found the perfect camping spot along the Lily Basin trail with beautiful views and our own private spring.  On our second day, we went exploring along the Pacific Crest Trail, did some trail running, and had lunch on the summit of Old Snowy Mountain. The weather was perfect on the first two days and on the third we packed out in the rain.  The packing out experience was a different kind of fun.  The kind where you are soaked and don't think to stop and take photos, ha.  I would totally recommend checking this area out. It was a comfortable hike for a first timer like me and the landscape was incredible.


  1. Wow. Kira, these photos are stunning! What a wonderful experience! I can just imagine how it can be tough to be without cell reception away from your kids - I TOTALLY get that! - but looks like you had an incredible time. I'll have to check out Goats Rock wilderness someday!

  2. Ah your backpacking trip looks like it was gorgeous!! Goat Rocks area is definitely on my list of the many beautiful places in PNW!


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