Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Outer Space Birthday Party For Pearl

Just in case you're wondering, the kids are still having their birthdays every year. Ha! Life is much busier now though and I don't always opt for crafty parties anymore. Axel wanted a Mario Bros theme for his third birthday and he was absolutely thrilled with the store bought decorations and cake we purchased for that event. You can check Instagram if you want to see a cute photo of him dressed as Mario.
I still occasionally find the time and creative energy to do a little party crafting. Pearl turned 5 at the end of September and chose an outer space theme for her party. I already had so many items from past projects that we could re-use and I generally prefer to do that than buy something new. I definitely cut corners by buying store bought cupcakes and had plenty of friends and family to help out with food.
My friend Sarah owns a bakery and made cute cookies inspired by a photo my mom found on Pinterest. I bought cupcakes at Safeway and decorated them with pretty sprinkles because Pearl thinks sprinkles are the most amazing thing ever.
I have a bunch of cheap paper lanterns that have been used for quite a few parties since Pearl was born (including her first birthday where they were made into hot air balloons). This year the lanterns were planets! I just added some cardboard rings around a couple of them.
My sister-in-law made the cutest fruit tray to fit the theme.
The kids and I worked on a construction paper star garland and I made a couple moons out of cardboard, gold paint, and black chalk markers.
I mostly just decorated the area around the dining room table, but added in a few details in different areas around the living room space.
I only spent around $5 on decor and about three hours putting things together. Doing all store bought decorations is nice sometimes, but it feels pretty good when I can save some money and do a little crafting too. The kids really don't care either way.

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