Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portland Bloggers Event Photos

Ali from Murray Photography took photos of me at the Portland Bloggers event earlier this month.  I'm so happy with how they turned out and wanted to share a few.
If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend Ali.  She is so easy to work with and is amazing at helping awkward people like me look natural in front of a camera.
Check out her website at:
And visit her Facebook page here:


  1. Kira...these pictures of you are amazing!!! What a fun event. :)

  2. It was so awesome to meet you! I absolutely loved photographing you. Warm wishes to you and the family. My nephew was born Tuesday!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the color of the ones in front of the bush!

  4. So stunning! And perfect photos to showcase the baby bump:-) xoxo

  5. Love them! You are just beautiful- pregnant and not! Bodies amaze your belly button sticking out? I think that is so cute...but mine absolutely won't stick out. I have quite the huge belly but my belly button just goes flat! It's amazing how everyone is so different!

  6. The pictures turned out gorgeous! You're beautiful!


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